Partner / White Label

Promote Your Business with a Viral ECard Campaign!

Are you looking for a cutting edge way to generate buzz about your business? Contact us if you're interested in using MeCards to spread the online word!

White Label MeCards To:
  • Increase Site Traffic
  • Improve Your ROI
  • Generate Online Buzz
  • Push User Call to Action
Whether you're a dating site, a small website owner, a non-profit or a multi national organization, MeCards offers a customized white label solution that's fast, effective and affordable. White labeling MeCards will allow you to simultaneously start a viral campaign and give your users the ability to make customized photo MeCards with your message and brand. Here's an example of how you can white label MeCards:


How are MeCards viral?

Finished MeCards come ready to be embedded into all kinds of social media like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, other networks and user blogs.  Also, every time someone sends a MeCard, your message gets exposed to both the sender and the receiver (MeCards also allows multiple recipients).  In short, your users will do your marketing for you. 

The most successful online viral campaigns have shown that the 'In Your Face' technology MeCards employs is a super hot commodity right now on the web.  And you can have it for your site with:
  • No development cost
  • No maintenance
  • No worries
Consider MeCards the web's next generation ECards.  Edgy and humorous (each card concept is hand-crafted in our creative department), they're also completely personal – with the user's own photos and editable text.  For your MeCard, we'll work together to come up with a unique concept that fits just right with your brand and message.

When is a good time to start a campaign?

Christmas is approaching fast! It is the best time of the year to spread the word in a fun, fast and effective way throughout the web. Send us a request now to if you're interested in adding a personalized photo Christmas ECard to your website with your company logo and link.

Holidays are the best time because the search for online e-cards spike.  But you can create a campaign for your users any time of the year and get great results.  Email for more information on a viral marketing E-Card campaign.